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We love sandwiches, and we’ve eaten our share from Philly cheesesteaks, Pittsburgh hoagies, southern barbecue, New Orleans po boys & muffalettas, Maine lobster & fried clam rolls, Zingerman’s, Parisian bar sandwiches, Tel Aviv Sephardic goodness, Mexico City hipster fare, and odd restaurant concoctions.


We keep on truckin' in these trying times. Along with the cleaning measures that you expect of a good Chicago restaurant, we provide relaxed seating with lots of fresh air  from our hvac system with virus-capturing, MERV 13 filters, and we've added a floor air purifier which grabs 99.97% of microscopic particles.

On other fronts, we are adding outdoor dining bubbles, which are available for reservation.

And, lastly in menu news, we just added our zippy chili, hot spiced cider, a fried oyster po boy, and fresh made pita from our brothers and sisters at Fiya Restaurant.



The original Jerry’s, dearly departed, opened on Madison Street in 2002 at the front of a catering kitchen. With the rent paid and the former West Loop skid row neighborhood gentrifying, we had a whimsical notion to open an edgy sandwich shop serving ersatz restaurant entrees, obscure regional stuff, and basically anything else on bread and calling it a sandwich. In a nutshell, the idea was that if you’ve got pot roast, bread, and some Louisiana hot sauce, you’ve got yourself a heck of a sandwich.  And figuring that it would be a deli (a thought that didn’t survive the first week), we choose the solid deli name of “Jerry’s”, and as an homage to our old pal Jerry Garcia.

Jal-Cheddar Sausage.jpg

That original Jerry’s had only 5 stools at the window, but by the end of the first day the office table and chairs had been commandeered and in short order storage space was demolished to make room for more seating.  Present day Jerry’s seats many more and what was once a much more limited menu has evolved into the beast that it is today, confounding poor suckers who wander in for a ham sandwich but delighting our fans.

Nola BBQ Shrimp.jpg

Jerry’s now offers a Bumsteadian lineup of sandwiches including named creations, burgers, sausages, hickory-smoked stuff, grilled cheeses, and rotating collection of specials.  In addition, we allow customers “in the know” to create their own sandwiches by mixing and matching. Yikes. Factor in the genius to add American craft beer, thereby allegedly inventing the combination of a sandwich and a beer. Is a Nobel Prize forthcoming? Also, if you pay attention, you’ll hear music from a massive, digital, house collection of mostly roots music (which covers a lot of ground).


And we’ve still got things up our sleeve. Jerry’s is and has always been a work in progress.


"This place is absolutely next level. The sandwiches have to be tasted to be believed. My GF and I both had Fried Chicken sandwiches. Hers was called The Harland S and was Buttermilk-marinated with American, house pickle, lettuce, mayo, Crystal hot sauce, challah. I got the William F which had Barbecue sauce, cheddar, applewood bacon, roast poblano, lettuce, ranch, brioche bun. I also got potato salad and fries and she had Mac & cheese and apples. All four were fantastic. We finished up with a Sundae featuring their vanilla custard over a crazy Blondie bar with chocolate sauce. I can say this was one of my favorite meals I've had in a long time!!"  TJ, Google 03/2019

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