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Well, summer is here. Chicago summers are just great! Our patio is all set up and the planters are planted and growing. If you haven't seen, we have a dramatic, big new awning that covers the corner and provides more sun (and rain) relief. We will be ending Burger Month soon, and next comes the Pride Month specials, silly as they may be (but tasty). And Eileen's Rainbow Cake!

"This place is absolutely next level. The sandwiches have to be tasted to be believed. My GF and I both had Fried Chicken sandwiches. Hers was called The Harland S and was Buttermilk-marinated with American, house pickle, lettuce, mayo, Crystal hot sauce, challah. I got the William F which had Barbecue sauce, cheddar, applewood bacon, roast poblano, lettuce, ranch, brioche bun. I also got potato salad and fries and she had Mac & cheese and apples. All four were fantastic. We finished up with a Sundae featuring their vanilla custard over a crazy Blondie bar with chocolate sauce. I can say this was one of my favorite meals I've had in a long time!!"  TJ, Google

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