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It's truly summer. The patio is rockin', and the plants are growing. If you haven't seen, we have a dramatic, big new awning that covers the corner and provides more sun (and rain) relief. The Pride specials are leaving and in their place are Pickle-Brine Fried Chicken, Pork Al Pastor, New Orleans BBQ Shrimp, and Beer-Batter Avocados, among others.

"This place is absolutely next level. The sandwiches have to be tasted to be believed. My GF and I both had Fried Chicken sandwiches. Hers was called The Harland S and was Buttermilk-marinated with American, house pickle, lettuce, mayo, Crystal hot sauce, challah. I got the William F which had Barbecue sauce, cheddar, applewood bacon, roast poblano, lettuce, ranch, brioche bun. I also got potato salad and fries and she had Mac & cheese and apples. All four were fantastic. We finished up with a Sundae featuring their vanilla custard over a crazy Blondie bar with chocolate sauce. I can say this was one of my favorite meals I've had in a long time!!"  TJ, Google

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