We started life as an off-premise caterer (story on Jerry's home page). So, we can cater you some good vittles, but also we can help you with a lot more should you need staffing, china & linen rentals, and/or bar setups.

Catering handles Jerry's, Geraldine's, and FIYA, and can suggest other dishes that are not formally on our menus.

And, we can offer space within the restaurants for small to medium sized groups, and we can discuss renting out the entire restaurant (but this can get costly as it probably entails buying out the restaurant for the entire day).


Talk to us.


Jerry's Catering Menu, but it's just a taste of what we might do for you.

Geraldine's Catering Menu, coming soon.

Our restaurants' Space Rental Brochure, but it too is just an outline of what's possible.

See Geraldine's Rental Brochure for a unique, cozy espresso party.


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