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We offer a limited catering menu, for now, but it's probably what you're looking for - a choice of sandwiches or salads, some sides, and optional desserts and drinks. Kind of the essence of what we do, n'est pas?​

We may eventually get this online, but for now email this friendly person ( and expect a written proposal back within a couple days. Prices will pretty much match the in-house menu, which you can see on this site. With sufficient notice and in most cases, we can deliver.

There is a minimum order of 10 for Catering. (For smaller orders, just use Order Online, above.)

Include this info:

  • The basics - guest count, date, time.

  • Pickup or delivery. There is a charge for the latter.

  • Choose 4 sandwiches. If you would like an entree salad instead of some sandwiches, just say. Note that one salad feeds 10.

  • Choose 2 sides. (If you choose a warm side, you should probably have an oven on your end. We can discuss.)

  • Optionally, choose Cookie & Bar Trays (which are from Geraldine's so you'd be crazy not to).

  • Optionally, choose drinks - Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Sprecher Root Beer, Diet Sprecher, Iced Tea.

  • If you see other items on our menu that you would like, just inquire.

  • Let us know if you need paperware. (There is a charge.)

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