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It’s nippy outside but that doesn’t mean you have to live off delivery or, heaven forbid, cook for yourself. Jerry's has 6 private, heated, outdoor bubbles for you to dine in style on the lovely Giddings Plaza. Bubbles seat as many as 6 people, and are equipped with an electric heater, comfortable chairs & tables, and plenty of fresh air. We also have mylar blankets for sales for a dollar.

Bubbles are available for reservation, here on this website, for a $50 minimum on weeknights and $100 minimum Friday through Sunday. Reservations are for 90 minutes. If not reserved, bubbles are available first come, first serve.

PS. Chicago restaurants are now able to offer indoor seating, to a maximum of 25 seats. These are also available for reservation on OpenTable. Our indoors have a MERV 13 filtered hvac system, additional floor HEPA filtration, along with the sanitation procedures you would expect of a good restaurant. (And, of course, we offer carryout and delivery on this website.)

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